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Electronics Recycling

There are thousands of different makes and models across the entire electronics spectrum. We recycle them all from a single mouse to a truck load of cable boxes!. We recylce 99.9% of everything we receive.

Computer Recycling

This has it's own section because this is where the data is and that's important! Every computer we receive has the hard drive removed and it is either destroyed or the data sanitized.

Flat Screen TV Recycling

Flat Screen TV's have the potential to be seriously Polluting. They contain lots of extermely delicate lighting strips which are stuffed with mercury and we've all learned that no exposure is considered safe. R3ewaste is one of the few recyclers that handle these.

Pickup Service

We provide a pickup service to residents and businesses across the valley. Most of the time this service is free as we wish to encourage recycling. There are a few restrictions so please read this page carefully!

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About Us

About Us

We recycle used electronics in full compliance with the highest standards in the industry. That is our mission together with a commitment to unrivaled customer service

Essentially we are a company that accepts computer related waste and recycles it - either by breaking the hardware into its raw materials or reselling the useful parts.

We also recycle used medical equipment by invitation.

Our Products

The outputs of our various de-manufacturing processes include Silica Glass, Steel, Plastic, Copper and other 'commodity' type materials.

In addition, we also repair and refurbish where possible and so we market and sell a wide range of laptop and computer related items from a single circuit board to a collection of reconditioned laptops and desktops/PCs


Our Services

Recycling is a serious business - often extremely confidential information is stored on disk drives. With regard to the disposal itself - there are many companies who will strip out the value but do not attend to the more difficult materials.

It is imperative that your equipment is recycled responsibly.

Free Collection

Every LB of used equipment we collect or is dropped off can be turned into a donation to Phoenix Children's Hospital by YOU! Just check a box on a form! If you're getting rid of it anyway, you may as well help the children at the same time as the environment. It costs you nothing and we do all the work!

Whatever your requirement, our commitment to customer satisfaction is well known throughout the industry. If we say it will happen, it will - and that is valid for commitments to quality to shipping dates.

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